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Internet Safety News

There doesn't seem to be a week pass without some new danger facing children using the internet being reported. Internet safety for our kids has become a hot subject. Whilst I'm no expert, I do have an opinion about quite a lot of this and so from time to time will be writing down some thoughts on the subject of internet safety. As well as this I'll be dedicating a section of this page to all the latest, breaking internet safety news and the dangers facing our children online.

Some Thoughts On Internet Safety

28th October 20010 - Stupid Websites Reach A Whole New Level - Ever wanted to know the sexual habits of your kids? Formspring allows you and the whole world to not only find out but pose the question, anonymously.
18th January 20010 - Should Your Child Have Their Own Website? - Learn the correct way to setup a website for your child.
8th December 2009 - Online Green Cross Code - Internet safety to be taught to children in the UK.
16th November 2009 - Cyberbulling In The UK - It's much worse than most people expect, two thirds of teenagers affected.
29th September 2009 - Child Grooming Hits The Isle of Man - When a 41 year old man takes a liking for your 14 year old daughter!
9th December 2008 - Is Your Broadband Child Proof? - She can nay handle it captain
13th November 2008 - Not Monitoring Your Kids Online Can Cost You Money - Children using their parents credit cards online
8th August 2008 - 70% Of Parents Spy On Their Children - Why more parents monitor their children than don't
18th June 2008 - ICU Justifies Itself - A get a nasty surprise in a monitoring report
6th May 2008 - Forward This On Or Else! - Dealing with chain emails
2nd April 2008 - Don't Let Your Children Out Of Your Sight - The UK Press scare campaign about online dangers starts
17th March 2008 - Young Children On FaceBook? - Why are more younger children being lured to FaceBook?
27th February 2008 - BluBet, Online Gambling For Children - Have you even heard of BlueBet? Well you have now!
8th February 2008 - MSN Messenger And Your Child? - A safer alternative to using MSN Messenger
29th January 2008 - How Do I Use ICU? - I explain exactly how I use my own child monitoring software
7th January 2008 - Panorama, One Click From Danger - Panorama exposes some of the risks our children face online
17th December 2007 - Cyber Bullying At School - Children suspended for bullying teacher
15th December 2007 - A New Laptop For Your Child's Bedroom - Have you thought it through?

Latest Internet Safety News

Pornhub top site as children do ANYTHING to feed their porn addiction (Apr 11, 2015 03:20)
With 58 per cent of mobile phones now having access to the internet, children are able to access ...

VIDEO - Teachers Conference: Calls for action on top jobs ban (Apr 9, 2015 02:07)
The ban on promotion in primary schools should be lifted immediately, according to delegates at t...

Victory for the Daily Mail as Tories pledge age bar on porn sites (Apr 4, 2015 00:51)
A radical change in the law to protect a generation of children from the tide of internet sleaze ...

Tv Cop Erik Estrada Graduates To Real-life Policeman (Apr 1, 2015 22:07)
Chips Star Erik Estrada Is Now Real-life Police Officer, Specialising In Warning Kids About The D...

Spennymoor school awarded for standing up to bullying (Apr 1, 2015 12:58)
A PRIMARY school has picked up a national award for tackling bullying.